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Price change

Every so often a company has to take into account the change in surrounding factors that affects the viability of the day to day operations and future of the company. We have continually worked in house in keeping our prices the same for the past eleven plus years (11+ years) while making things better you the consumer and us as a company despite the continuation of various economical changes around that directly affect us. We do appreciate the support we have received over the years as we definitely grew and many of you grew with us both NATIONALLY and INTERNATIONALLY (yes we notice you too), and we ask that you continue to support us along this journey. While all our products have been placed under review, price changes for our Help Arc / Respi Aid has been placed in... read more

Your local tack shop

Be sure to keep up to date with all our dealer location by checking our LOCAL DEALER page, tab located at the top right of our home page right above CONTACT. If your local Tack Shop is not listed and would like to seeĀ our products in store for your convenience please place a formal request with your local Tack... read more